High crystallinity polymer networks via dynamic covalent chemistry

Xiaoru Li, Peng Lan, Prof. Chris Evans, and David G. Cahill
Altana Institute

I. Create high thermal conductivity fillers with low mass density.  We propose that covalently bonded networks of light elements (B, C, N, O) with crystallinity enabled by dynamic covalent bonding is a promising approach for meeting this challenge.  In initial work, we have created materials based on boric acid and unsaturated diols with a thermal conductivity that is an order of magnitude greater than a typical amorphous polymer. 

II. Enhance the intrinsic thermal conductivity of epoxy-based thermosetting polymers through the design of high molecular weight hardeners that display crystalline or liquid crystalline order and enhanced thermal conductivity.   These intrinsically high thermal conductivity hardeners can then be used with selected formulations of epoxides to produce high thermal conductivity thermosets for various applications.  We will employ dynamic covalent bonding to enhance the higher-order molecular structure.